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Hatha Yoga

Yoga isn’t just for super bendable people. In fact, yoga is designed to help assist those with anxieties, stress, mental fatigue, injuries or physical limitations. There is a yoga class style to suit everyone whether its sitting in a chair, slow and gentle or fast and flowing.

No matter what yoga class you attend, always listen to the wisdom of your own body. Yoga teachers guide and demonstrate for the class, however, participants should only move or stretch as much as appropriate for you.

Yoga is a self-care strategy, moving at your own pace, developing skills for better body awareness, flexibility and mindfulness.


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Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor

Yoga & Meditation Offerings

What is Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra literally means yogic sleep.  It is an ancient technique where you are guided into deep states of conscious relaxation.  It is a meditation practice of moving awareness from our external world to the inner world.  It brings us to a state of deep sleep where our senses, intellect, and mind relax. 


As the body enters a deep state of rest, then healing begins helping you refresh the mind and remove baggage from the subconscious.


I have enjoyed practicing Yoga Nidra for the past few years and excited to combine this teaching into my specialty Yoga Classes and Workshops to share with others.

In-person Yoga Classes

Watch for upcoming classes of Hatha yoga, restorative yoga, yoga nidra and meditation. Special classes and events will feature combinations with yoga, Hot Stones, Aromatherapy, crystals, oracle cards, Jewelry making, Sound Healing and more.

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Guided Meditations,
Savasana & Yoga Nidras

Have you been thinking about starting to meditate or maybe switching up your current meditation practice?


Visit my youtube channel to listen to my voice guide you through different Guided meditations, Yoga Nidras or Savasanas for relaxation.

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Hot Stone Restorative Yoga Class

You'll thank yourself for this deeply soothing and restorative class. Taking the time and space to unwind, meditate and connect to your inner being. You will be guided into a restful state of relaxation fully supported by bolsters, blankets and pillows.

The placement and gentle touch with Hot Stones will warm your body while encouraging tired and tense muscles to release their grip. Surrendering the need to manage or control anything, this practice gives you the space to find ease and stillness within. This class cultivates a deeply relaxed state of being for both mind and body.

All bodies welcome and no yoga experience required.

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I attended the Hot Stone Yoga Class held in April and thoroughly enjoyed it.  The relaxation from the hot stones on my muscles along with the sound bath made for quite a healing experience.  I look forward to another in the future.

KE Rowe

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