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Heather is passionate about helping others to learn, grow and transform their lives.

She finds great purpose in teaching others about how personal healing can create positive, life-changing shifts to open hearts and minds, to manifest dreams, and to develop intuition. She loves empowering women with practices to help them look within, regain personal power, and find their own purpose on their life’s path.  


Heather incorporates creative exercises and group interaction into all of her teachings and workshops, promoting a fun and enlightening experience for participants. This approach encourages and provides valuable take-away tools for individuals to embark on their personal spiritual and wellness journey, while feeling that they also have a supportive community where they can check-in, ask questions, and share experiences for further learning.


In addition to her teachings and workshops, Heather holds various group events that allow participants to simply relax, recharge and recenter. These specialty classes and workshops provide a valuable foundation for spiritual, emotional and physical healing.


Watch for upcoming workshops, teachings and events, some of which may be transitioning to online courses at a later time. Stay tuned!

Three Women

Workshops, Events and Retreat Offering Topics

Hatha Yoga, Chair Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra


Developing Self-Empowerment, Intuition & Spirituality






Crystal Healing


Reiki Healing


Sound Healing


Hot Stone Therapy Healing


Oracle Card Messages


Tea Leaf Reading


Jewelry-Making with Crystals and Beads


Essential Oil Takeaways



Special Events and Retreats may include combinations of the above offerings

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