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Shoulder Massage

Massage Therapy

Massage is truly a gift to your body, mind and soul. A one-hour session can help you to relax and destress, and has several therapeutic benefits for your body. Be sure to take time for yourself at least once a month to support your wellness goals.

If it’s been a while since your last appointment, then consider booking your next Massage Therapy session just because you’re worth it!

Currently, Heather practices from a private, home-based clinic, which provides a quiet, comfortable and tranquil environment for her clients. Heather’s technique is very thorough and she adapts each session to the needs of the client. Her services include: Swedish massage for relaxation; deep tissue massage; hot stone massage; pre-natal massage; manual lymph drainage; trigger point therapy; or cupping therapy for improved circulation.

Massage Therapy Treatments

Pricing effective August 1, 2023   •   All prices include HST

30 Minutes - $70

45 Minutes - $80

60 minutes - $100

75 Minutes - $125

90 Minutes - $150

Ultimate Spa - $200

Hot stone back massage

Interested in a Hot Stone Massage? 

Whether you’re in need of pain and joint relief or want to pamper yourself, a Hot Stone treatment might be exactly what you need.

AdobeStock_133688228 (1).jpeg

Add a 15 minute therapeutic foot massage that includes exfoliating sugar scrub, hot towels and moisturizing lotion.

Woman getting a head massage at a spa

Add a 15 minute therapeutic head massage. Options to include essential oil lavender or peppermint.


Cupping Therapy is an alternative Chinese therapy that uses suction cups to stimulate your skin and muscles. The suction promotes increased blood circulation, which help relieve muscle tension, promote cell repair, and aid in other regeneration of tissues and cells. Cupping therapy can be used with light suction and is a gentle gliding technique so it does NOT leave dark circle bruising on the skin. If you're interested to know more, we can discuss how adding a little Cupping Therapy to your next treatment can benefit you.

Massage Therapy
Benefits Include

Supports better circulation


Stimulates your immune system

Reduces stress & anxiety

Helps with muscle and joint function

Improves mobility

Promotes relaxation and digestion

Assists with pain management

Effective help with headaches; insomnia; injuries and much more

Back Massage

Give yourself permission to be spoiled for a full 90 minutes because you are worth it! The Ultimate Spa package includes a full body massage with Hot Stones to warm up muscles and release tension. Treat your tired feet with sugar scrub, hot towels and moisturizer. Finish this treatment with Peppermint or Lavender Scalp massage.


Oh la la.  

Decorative Shape_edited.png
Because you are worth it!

The Ultimate Spa Package

Hot stone back massage

Hot Stone Massage

Using basalt stones that are formed from volcanic rock because they have a smooth surface and they can retain heat for a longer length of time. Stones are heated in hot water making them warm to the touch. Holding the stones in the hands while gliding them over the body allows the therapist to get deeper into the muscles fibers without using more pressure. The heat from the stones penetrates into the tissues generating a peaceful warm feeling within the body. In addition to deep relaxation, there are many benefits to having a hot stone massage. They include: pain relief, stress release, improved joint flexibility, decreased muscle tension and improved sleep outcomes after a treatment.

60 Minutes

includes HST

Hot Stone Massage can offer therapeutic benefits as well as giving you a luxurious spa treatment at the same time. Whether you’re in need of pain and joint relief or want to pamper yourself, a Hot Stone treatment might be exactly what you need.

Hot Stone Massage Details

COVID-19 Mandatory Massage Therapy Guidelines

Preparing for your upcoming Massage Therapy Appointment.


Outlined here are the MANDATORY COVID 19 Massage Therapy Protocols to be implemented as directed by the Ministry of Health and College of Massage Therapy (CMTO).

Following these guidelines together we can enjoy Massage Therapy
again and help to limit the spread of COVID 19.

Please monitor your health closely and check for any possible COVID 19 symptoms you will receive the COVID Screening questions the day prior to your appointment. On the day of your appointment, review your health and state of being for any possible symptoms before leaving your home for your appointment.

Please cancel your appointment if you think you may have been exposed to anyone who has travelled within the last 14 days, anyone with a respiratory illness or if you’ve been exposed to anyone diagnosed with COVID 19 within the past 14 days. I will also be self -monitoring my health daily to help limit the spread.

Please wear a mask to your appointment. If you do not have a mask, I have a supply of disposable masks to give you one at the door. I will be wearing a Surgical/Procedure mask during the entire appointment.

Please arrive just on time for your appointment and please do not bring any visitors or guests with you. If you arrive early for your appointment, please wait in your car so I have enough time to ensure all cleaning and disinfecting is complete before you enter. I will text you if possible for you to enter sooner.

Upon entering, you will be asked to practice hand hygiene with the use of hand sanitizer. We will exchange your receipt and payment prior to entering the treatment room.

You may wish to limit the amount of items you carry or bring with you to your appointment. There will be only one chair for you to place all your belongings, phone, purse and jewelry etc. I have removed the extra chair and side tables to limit touch points within the treatment space.

After your treatment, please exit wearing your mask and make your way to the front door. You may use the hand sanitizer again while we schedule your next appointment.

Due to the additional disinfecting and cleaning protocols between client appointments, there may be fewer end of day time slots available. I suggest advance bookings to ensure your preferred day/time.

Thank you for your understanding and patience with these added guidelines.

If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to reach out!


Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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